Pretty Sally Riding Ranch- Trail Rides

Rides are offered on Weekend Days,Public holidays and a variety of days throughout the School Holidays. Weekday rides available for groups of 10 or more.


Please note:

Children MUST be 7years or older to be eligible to come on our trail rides due to insurance reasons.

Ride Types;


-The One and a Half Hour Ride is a quiet ride through the bushlands. Great for the little kids, those who aren’t sure about horseriding or those who want to give it a go to see if they like it. Includes a couple of areas to go a bit faster (if you want to) and is sure to have you coming back with a smile on your face.

-The Half Day Ride  consists of a two hour ride and a BBQ  Lunch included. This ride has more hills to go a bit faster (if you want to) where you also see alot of our 400 acre property. Nothing better than coming back from a nice horseride through the bush to a drool-worthy BBQ lunch.

-The All Day Ride consists of a two hour ride in the morning then a BBQ  Lunch and then another two hour ride in the afternoon. This ride alows you to really get to know the horse you are riding and move a bit quicker on the second ride with your new knowledge of horseriding.

-Twilight Rides (Seasonal) are offered throughout the daylight savings period at various times through the warmer seasons, these rides are for those looking for a thrilling ride on paths not taken by the regular trail ride, it is recommended you can happily walk/trot/canter and maintain control whilst steering. Check the website regularly as upcoming Twilight rides will be posted on our homepage.

-Overnight ride (Weather Permitting) – 2 hour Aftenoon ride, Accomodation in our ‘Bunkhouse’ out with the horses on 400 acres, bonfire during winter. Bunkhouse is able to sleep 6. Then up again in the morning for another 2 hour ride and Lunch.

  • One and a Half Hour Ride                                        $60.00
  • Half Day Ride                                                          $70.00
  • All Day Ride                                                          $105.00
  • Overnight Ride**                                                     $165.00
  • School Holiday program (7yo-12yo)                    $95.00pp

BBQ  lunch supplied with the Half Day and the Full Day Ride.