Queens Birthday Weekend

Looking for something to do on this long weekend?? Look no further, we are open ALL THREE DAYS!!
Saturday, Sunday and MONDAY!

Spaces still available for all three days, morning and afternoon!

Ride prices:
1.5hour: $60pp
2hour: $70pp
All Day $105pp

Bookings essential!
Please call 57822234


Day 1 – School Holiday Program




Well what a day we had yesterday. We had a full house of children ranging from 7 to our eldest for the day 11. We had some kids who had done quite a bit of riding to those who had ridden twice and only on a lead pony. We had some kids who were a little shy and some kids who would talk to anyone.
It was not long until we had everyone knowing each other’s names and laughing along together.

I expected to enjoy the day as I love my job even on a not so great day BUT I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did. Watching the kids grow in knowledge and especially confidence throughout the day was such an experience. Whether it was seeing one of our shyest in the beginning, happily chatting along to one of her fellow participants, like they were the oldest of friends, to the transformation in one girl, who was adamant the she would not ride (as she all of a sudden decided she was terrified), telling her mother at the end of the day that she “would most definitely be coming back on weekends too now”. Kids who had barely touched a horse before, were happily grooming, moving around, saddening and leading their own horses with such confidence and bliss, it was just fantastic.



I had a message from one parent not too long after they had left, asking if her daughter could re book for the 20th so obviously it was a major success!!

Please have a look through some of the photos taken throughout the day and the kids faces will say it all.

There are still spaces available on the 20th of jan but they are filling quickly. I do have the option to run a forth day, the 27th of jan if there is a demand for it.
If you have any questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to give me a call on 0402240852 or email us at admin@prettysallyridingranch.com

Thank you to everyone who participated yesterday, can’t wait to see you all again soon.



Walk Through Bethlehem


I haven’t had a chance to write about this, due to the Christmas break, However…
This year we were honored to be guests (as well as 6 of our trusted horses…and one pony)  at the Walk Through Bethlehem in
hosted in Epping  on the 18th,  19th and  20th of December.
It was a first for us and our horses but was an amazing experience which we will hopefully be involved in again.12376157_1035108746531797_8889494390003994474_n

** For those who are interested ** We practice what we preach, each night we had 5 standardbreds and 1 other breed (white horse as necessary for the scripture), Standardbreds are and amazing breed and took it all in there stride, all our standardbreds had not had there harnesses on again until this event and they didnt even bat an eyelid, crowds of hundreds and they were enjoying the specatators, they are an unflappable breed who are worth there weight in gold and we wouldnt have done it as easily with any other breed. If you havent heard of them, look in to them or better yet ask us about them.12369077_1035108736531798_7919850082981294150_n

Our horses were amazing and handled the crowds even better than we expected, with thousands of people flooding in every night, and everyone wanting a pat the horses were very patient and loved being spoilt. We had a total of 6 horses and one shetland pony on scene alongside there chariots wearing there harnesses. With 2 horses and the pony being patted by visitors (so we could rotate each horse to have a feed and not get bored)

There were camels, pigs, sheep, goats, turkeys , donkeys, cows and so many more animals which our horses had never seen in there life, and they loved every bit.


Hopefully we will attend next year and have another awesome time.

Special thankyou to our horses;
-Zaaris -Dot


Were CLOSED for christmas!!



Hi all,
We will be closed this coming weekend (26th and 27th dec) for a Christmas holiday for the four legged kids.
We will re-open the following weekend as normal.
We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and we hope there are lots of ponies under your Christmas trees.
Love PSRR xxx





Due to popular demand we have added another date to our school holiday program for children aged 7-12yo.

20th January is now available for booking.

Please call (03) 57822234
Places are limited so a deposit is required.

Discounts apply for more than one child.

School Holiday Program




We are now offering SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAMS.

A fantastic way for your children to spend the day, out in the open learning and experiencing all things horses. All levels of education and experience catered too.

Starting at 9.00am and finishing approximately 4.30pm, your children will have the chance to learn as much as possible about horses, including basic riding skills.

The educational part of the day will include, the mechanics of a horse eg. All the part of the horses body, basic feeding requirements, what is safe to do with a horse and what is not, how to lead a horse, brush a horse and so on. It’s all hands on and this is a great way for kids to learn.

Once we are done with all of that, we will saddle up and off we all go out on a two hour trail ride, where all children will learn basic riding skills, along with having a wow of a time riding out on our gorgeous safe horses, over our four hundred acres.

Our qualified and talented staff will be with your children throughout the day, making sure that everyone is having a safe and most importantly, fun day.

Drinks, healthy snacks and lunch will be provided throughout the day for all in attendance.

Ages catered from 7yrs to 12yrs old (if your child is older don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss further)

$95 for the day. Bookings and deposits paid are essential as days will be capped at 10 children. Payment plans are available if needed. Reduced rates for multiple children from the same family. If minimum number of children not met for day to operate, all deposit/payments will be refunded.

**Vouchers for holiday programs available and will make it to you before Christmas!

Current dates available-

Wednesday 6th January(2016)
Wednesday 13th January (2016)
More to come.

To book in or if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to pop me a PM or give us a call on 0402240852

Why Us?

Why us?

Our trail rides allow you to learn to ride the easy way, no going around in circles bouncing up and down learning nothing. Our rides take you through the Great Dividing Range with amazing veiws and stunning wildlife, the many kangaroos, Wedge Tail eagles, echidnas, rabbits and even sometimes some of our sneaky horses 🙂

Build your confidence up on one of our safe clydesdales who we trust taking even the littlest 7yo out for a cheerful ride!

Riding Capabilities

If you are a nervous rider,  we will give you a very quiet horse that will only walk for you and give you confidence.

If you have ridden before and you need to hold the saddle when you canter, then we will give you one of our intermediate horses.

If you have been riding constantly for a number of years we have horses to suit you.

School Groups

School Groups
Yes, we take school groups on Weekday rides (Minimum of 10 Riders) Rides are immensly popular for Outdoor Education, PE as well as end of year activities. Our rides are charecter building, and give students quality skills such as being independant and taking responsibility. Call us on (03) 5782 2234 to discuss your needs further or book a date. Buses are able to access our parking.