Walk Through Bethlehem


I haven’t had a chance to write about this, due to the Christmas break, However…
This year we were honored to be guests (as well as 6 of our trusted horses…and one pony)  at the Walk Through Bethlehem in
hosted in Epping  on the 18th,  19th and  20th of December.
It was a first for us and our horses but was an amazing experience which we will hopefully be involved in again.12376157_1035108746531797_8889494390003994474_n

** For those who are interested ** We practice what we preach, each night we had 5 standardbreds and 1 other breed (white horse as necessary for the scripture), Standardbreds are and amazing breed and took it all in there stride, all our standardbreds had not had there harnesses on again until this event and they didnt even bat an eyelid, crowds of hundreds and they were enjoying the specatators, they are an unflappable breed who are worth there weight in gold and we wouldnt have done it as easily with any other breed. If you havent heard of them, look in to them or better yet ask us about them.12369077_1035108736531798_7919850082981294150_n

Our horses were amazing and handled the crowds even better than we expected, with thousands of people flooding in every night, and everyone wanting a pat the horses were very patient and loved being spoilt. We had a total of 6 horses and one shetland pony on scene alongside there chariots wearing there harnesses. With 2 horses and the pony being patted by visitors (so we could rotate each horse to have a feed and not get bored)

There were camels, pigs, sheep, goats, turkeys , donkeys, cows and so many more animals which our horses had never seen in there life, and they loved every bit.


Hopefully we will attend next year and have another awesome time.

Special thankyou to our horses;
-Zaaris -Dot


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